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Seashell Seashore by ScienceFantasy Seashell Seashore :iconsciencefantasy:ScienceFantasy 2 2 Here to stay by ScienceFantasy Here to stay :iconsciencefantasy:ScienceFantasy 1 3 St. Pertersberg Skyline by ScienceFantasy St. Pertersberg Skyline :iconsciencefantasy:ScienceFantasy 4 0 Silhouette by ScienceFantasy Silhouette :iconsciencefantasy:ScienceFantasy 2 1 St. Pertersberg Sunset by ScienceFantasy St. Pertersberg Sunset :iconsciencefantasy:ScienceFantasy 2 0 Post-it ART cover by ScienceFantasy Post-it ART cover :iconsciencefantasy:ScienceFantasy 1 0
Flight-Recall (Teaser Trailer+Lore)
"Men were going to die in the air as they had for centuries on the ground and on the seas, by killing each other. The conquest of the air was truly accomplished."
— René Chambe, Au Temps des Carabines, 1955
<July 4, 2050>
Freedom is more real than ever, flight is no longer carried out by trained pilots. But by all who so desires.
<March 24, 2065>
Protests against the government's act against freedom are on the streets, in the air. 
<September 12, 2070>
Must all problems be resolved by war? The wings were first created to give the gift of flight and freedom to all who desires, now it have become another instrument of war.
<May 4, 2075>
The war is finally over, for a price. The infrastructure of all nations lay in ruins. All governing bodies torn to the ground. The survivors and the generations to come is to pay for the ambitions of the people who once ruled, but all that we can do is to face what's coming ahead...
:iconsciencefantasy:ScienceFantasy 1 5
Sun rise, I think.... by ScienceFantasy Sun rise, I think.... :iconsciencefantasy:ScienceFantasy 2 0
“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.” --Leonardo da Vinci
<February 29, 2117; 2357>
Looking around me, I saw that I am indeed surrounded.
“It is nice to see a familiar face again once in a while, isn’t it?” A unusually familiar voice in the back of the crowd, loud and clear.
I stared into his mask. I quickly realized that beneath the mask is a face that I knew all too well. Taking holding myself I replied “it is indeed, traitor.”
<February 29, 2117; 2343>
Behind me, the Demon chased after me as I flew.
“Warning: multiple hostile heat signature detected. Hostile count: 3... 8… 10… 20… Warning: enemy swam detected, you can not defeat this amount of enemies alone,” my AI assistant beeped in distress.
Do I have time for them is the real problem.
<February 29, 2117; 2330>
“So where is he
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Post it Kestrel  by ScienceFantasy Post it Kestrel :iconsciencefantasy:ScienceFantasy 2 3 Post it Gryphons by ScienceFantasy Post it Gryphons :iconsciencefantasy:ScienceFantasy 2 2

It is a snowman,
friendly, but melts in harsh sunlight.
It is an expensive pottery,
beautiful, but fragile to the touch.
It is the still reflection on the surface of water,
graceful, but easily disturbed.
It is the delicate strings of a spider web,
detailed, but easily broken.
It is a crystal clear ice sculpture,
glorious, but slowly melting.
It is snow white paper
pure, but in time it crumbles.
Broken Glass.
:iconsciencefantasy:ScienceFantasy 2 2
The power of 3D printing by ScienceFantasy The power of 3D printing :iconsciencefantasy:ScienceFantasy 2 6


Sneak peek preview of a upcoming artworkUp coming artwork by ScienceFantasy


Sneak peek preview of a upcoming artworkUp coming artwork by ScienceFantasy
You know those moments when someone is so kind that you don't even know how to react?
... and i forgot to tell you guys that I'm back


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